Our passion, commitment and innovation at the time of elaborating our products, in a totally traditional way and with the best raw materials.
pieza cecina emplatada

Selection of raw material.

Salted in a traditional way on sea salt mountains. Just sea salt.

Smoked with oak or holm-oak firewood.

Time and optimal point of the piece.


Passion for a quality product.

We fuse tradition and modernity with our constant search for excellence, thus turning our products into a unique and unrepeatable experience.
Each time a Cecina de Cecinas Pablo is consumed we must prepare ourselves for what will undoubtedly be a moment of enjoyment, of flavor, of tradition, a unique moment.

Cecinas Pablo at TV CYL

Report at "Hecho en Castilla y León"

"Hecho en Castilla y León" visit us to tell our story and show the process of making our cecina.