Our steps in the elaboration are carried out through a process that is carried out in a completely traditional way.

It is a totally handmade process for which only beef and salt are used, without additives or artificial preservatives, thus guaranteeing a high level of infiltrated fat that ensures its juiciness.

For its curing, carried out in a traditional way, it is salted, dried and then smoked with oak and / or oak firewood. This healing process is performed more slowly due to the high quality of the beef leg, without forcing maturation with salt and always adhering to artisan techniques in order to obtain a product with the best quality standards.

The result is differentiated by the dedication of our cecinero master, who at the end of the process chooses each piece manually, at its optimum point, for its sale.

Indeed, two pieces of the same weight, and made at the same time, can have very different healing times, due to their external fat, morphology, infiltration, animal breed, color and hardness of the fat. Due to the heterogeneity of working with raw materials first we get that each piece of jerky or sliced ​​is completely different from another.



This allows the adjustment of the shape of the pieces.


The aim is to incorporate common salt to the muscle mass, allowing the dehydration of the pieces and their perfect conservation.



The aim of this process is to eliminate the salt stuck on the meat. Warm water is used for this purpose.


In this phase, water is removed from meat; the salt penetrates and the biochemical processes that will produce the characteristic scent and flavor, take place.


Smoking the pieces with oak or holm-oak is the next step.


Drying is carried out in natural drying rooms provided with adjustable windows that allow the Control of the temperature and humidity by the traditional system of “window opening and closing”


At the end of the production process, each piece is unique and different from the others. For this reason, those that are already at their best point to go on sale are selected manually, one by one.
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