cecina partida

To enjoy and get a better cut, we recommend:

  • Taking the cecina out from the fridge or from the vacuum bag at least one hour before consumption and keep it at room temperature.
  • We recommend to slice the cecina at the time of consumption.
  • It is also recommended to put the slices on a warm plate in order to appreciate all its tastes and flavors.


To cut the cecina with a cutting machine, the external part of the piece has to be cleaned and trimmed before slicing it, to prevent any strange flavors of the skin from affecting the flavor of the cecina.

Afterwards, big slices can be cut from the whole piece, or some cuts can be previously done in the surface of the piece so that every time we pass it through the cutting machine, we get several smaller pieces. In any case, we recommend slicing the cecina in thin slices at the time of consumption, and putting them on a warm plate.

Properties of the cecina.

Outside appearance: the color of the cecina is brownish, slightly dark, due to its production process

Color and aspect of the cut: cecina will have several tonalities, from cherry to maroon, being more intense on the edges at the end of the maturing process, and will have a marbling of infiltrated fat that gives the cecina its succulence and tastiness. Our cecina has no additives (it is not nitrated) so its color is natural.

Taste and flavor: special flavor meat, slightly salted, with little fibrous texture. The smoking gives its characteristic touch, enriching the set of flavors.

Cutting cecina

The perfect cutting

This video shows us how to cut the cecina to enjoy this product to the fullest.