Cecinas Pablo is one of the pioneers when exporting tradition and innovation "Made in Spain"

In addition, it has always been an export-oriented company with the opening of new markets not only in Europe, where they concentrate most of their sales, but also in distant markets such as Japan, among others.

Referent in Spain and in the world

We bring flavor and tradition beyond our borders.

Our current sales are distributed throughout the Spanish geography, where we work with the main distribution chains, and where Cecinas Pablo is now considered a reference in quality products within the sector. Furthermore, it has always been an export-oriented company, an effort that has been even more relevant in recent years with the opening of new markets not only in Europe, where most of the sales are concentrated, especially in markets such as London where it causes great acceptance Maragato chorizo ​​for cooking, but also in other faraway places such as Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Hong Kong. In order to reach international markets in better conditions, the IFS certification was obtained in 2011, being pioneers again in this certification within your sector. This certification is of the highest standards in terms of quality and food safety. In addition, Pablo Cecinas is included in the Framework List, a list that provides the companies that appear in it the list of companies authorized to export to a large number of countries with special requirements. Recently we have also achieved Halal certification aimed at the Muslim market.