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Cecinas Pablo is currently one of the leading companies in the Cecina de Vacuno market, although it also produces a wide range of Serrano and Iberian hams, and sausages.

It is a company focused on innovation, proof of which are recent products such as Cream of Cecina and Cream of Iberian Ham, or polished pieces of Cecina for better handling in catering.

In 2009 Cecina cream was launched on the market, an innovative product as it was the first ready-to-spread cecina, and the first innovation that was made with such a traditional product as Cecina. From the first moment it is a sales success, which continues at the current moment, in which several distribution chains have begun to include the product in its national catalog. In all cases it has been the first company in the sector to put them on sale, later being imitated by the success obtained.

Recently we have put on sale new innovations among which the Cecina sliced ​​in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Cider Chorizos for microwaves, or new cecina creams fused with products like the quince, the Valdeón cheese and the Chocolate Astorga

New products

Meet our newest products


The beef tongue is cured and marinated with paprika and then cooked. A very tender and tasty sausage is thus obtained. It can be consumed in very thin slices, with a little bit of olive oil and vinegar from Modena, as if it were a carpaccio or used to prepare more elaborate dishes. It combines very well with sweet asian sauces.


Pastrami is cured and cooked beef. Very typical in the United States and we have decided to do it in the traditional way. This also has a much meatier texture, a better bite, and much more flavor. It can be used to heat and put on a plate, and especially for the preparation of sandwiches, combines very well with cheeses, mayonnaise, pickles, mustard, ...

Cecina pâté

In 2009, Cecinas Pablo launched into the market a real culinary revolution: the Cecina Pâté, that is, cecina ready to spread. This product has now been imitated by other commercial brands. In 2014, after the success of the cecina pâté, Cecinas Pablo launched into the market what we call Fusion Pâtés: cecina pâté with Valdeón Cheese (a blue cheese from the region) and cecina pâté with chocolate from Astorga, a very special chocolate from the region.


It is a brand new snack 100% cecina dehydrated, tasty and made following the best tradition of Cecina. Packed in laminated slices they are a source of high biological value proteins with a low content of fats, carbohydrates and calories.


It is a surprising meat snack 100% beef as chips but made of meat. With an innovative and crunchy texture it comes in different flavors: Mediterranean, barbecue or chili pepper with a spicy point.

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