Cecinas Pablo in the media

Our fusion of tradition and innovation and the quality of our products have repeatedly attracted the attention of the media. We put at your disposal all the videos and reports that we have starred in.

Spot: Te mereces a Pablo

Made in CyL: Cecinas Pablo

Cecinas Pablo - Report Gente TVE

Hoy cocina el alcalde Cecinas Pablo

Alimentos de León: Cecinas Pablo (La 2 de TVE)

Agrosfera - Cecina cream Fusion with chocolate

Made in Castilla y León (22-06-2017)

Cecina, the red gold of León - Report in "Aqui la Tierra" about Cecinas Pablo

Cecinas Pablo's 20th birthday

Hall of Food 2013: Cecinas Pablo was there

Chorizo with cider for cooking in microowave Cecinas Pablo

El Arcón (172) .- El Arcón Astorga and Cathedral of the Roads

El Gusto es Nuestro - programa 23: Cecinas Pablo