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Our cecina

What makes us different

We fuse tradition and modernity with our constant search for excellence, thus turning our products into a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Each time a Cecinas Pablo cecina is consumed, we must prepare ourselves for what will undoubtedly be a moment of enjoyment, flavor, tradition ... A unique moment.

corte cecina

Traditional elaboration

As time goes on it is our know how

Production steps

Craft process and individual selection with a unique result.

Selection of raw material.

An important part in which the success of Pablo Cecinas products is based.

Cecina Pieces

Specialists in quality beef

In the media

Videos and reports.

Our fusion of tradition and innovation and the quality of our products have repeatedly attracted the attention of the media. We put at your disposal all the videos and reports that we have starred in.

What makes us different

Our passion, commitment and innovation at the time of elaborating our products, in a totally traditional way and with the best raw materials.

Selection of raw material.

Salted in a traditional way on sea salt mountains. Just sea salt.

Smoked with oak or holm-oak firewood.

Time and optimal point of the piece.


Passion for a quality product.

Our products

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