orígenes cecinas pablo

When a national brand

is born in the back shop.

The beginnings of Cecinas Pablo can be traced back to the basement of a butcher’s, where Pablo Barros started to produce the traditional cecina that he could not find for his establishment.

The origins of Cecinas Pablo go back to Cárnicas Pablo, a butcher’s in the downtown of Astorga that Pablo Barros de Arriba opened together with his wife Ángeles Cordero. Since they could not find traditionally made cecina and other cured meats, they started producing them in the basement of their establishment. They wanted to rediscover the traditional process of salting and curing cecina the way it was done in the villages of the area in the old days. The “word of mouth” did the rest.

Challenges, innovation and continuous improvement.

Cecinas Pablo was founded in 1993.

The company's drive for continual improvement has led to a series of expansions since 1993, allowing it to take on new challenges and reach new markets, as well as continue developing innovative projects.conservation

chorizo y jamón cortado
cecinas artesanales

Craft process and individual selection.

As time goes on it is our know how.

Our “MAESTRO CECINERO” personally selects, one by one each piece, at its best moment for sale. In fact, two pieces of the same weight, and made at the same time, can have very di erent maturation times, due to their external fat, morphology, in ltration, animal breed, color and hardness of the fat.

A unique result

Due to this heterogeneity of our raw materials we get that each piece of cecina or sliced pack is completely di erent from another. As tradition dictates, the passage of time is our experience.

salado carne cecina

What makes us different.

We work to offer our customers a traditional product using the best raw materials and, at the same time, using technology that allows us to investigate. In this way, we managed to launch new products and formats.


of raw material


in a traditional way on sea salt mountains. Just sea salt


with oak or holm-oak firewood


and optimal point of the piece.


Passion for a quality product.

However as similar they may be, there will never be two equal, so any of them will be a unique and unrepeatable moment.

Each time a Cecina of Cecinas Pablo is consumed we must prepare ourselves for what will undoubtedly be a moment of enjoyment, of  avor, of tradition, a unique moment

Our values.


We have innovative character. always learning.


Committed to our customers around the world.


Milestones, certificates and history. Continuous improvement.

Tradition and quality

The passage of time is our experience.


of the best beef. Excellence: passion for a quality product.